long time no see!

I’m sorry it’s been a long time guys since my last post and I hope you all had a great Christmas. Just a small update on my design based life.

I’m no longer freelancing because of my fantastic new position I’m working as a graphic designer for a furniture retailer which I’m really enjoying.

I wish I could give more of an insight into what I’m currently doing but I’m guessing from retail you know what kind of work I’m doing.

In terms of design and retail I’m finding that in relation to graphic design. how important and wonderful showing your customers the origins and bare bones of you product to be and the honesty of the product they are buying are. Although I’m yet to find a brand who can successfully get a cross the origins of there product rather than just the heritidge aspect.

Anyone seen any good example of origin based retail story’s ?


Massimo Vignelli 1931-2014

New york subway design tribute



Sadly, 27th May 2014, graphic design legend Massimo Vignelli passed away at the age of 83. The Italian born designer is most famous for his work designing the New York Subway map & signage as well as the graphic design of the infamous American Airlines identity that only until recently was one of the most iconic aircraft liveries in the world.

01american air

Massimo and his wife Lella Vignelli, moved to America in 1966 from their roots in Milan. Massimo lived in New York and started the New York branch of a new company, Unimark, which fast became one of the largest design firms in the world. Massimo Vignelli worked in a wide variety of areas, including interior design, environmental design, package design, graphic design, furniture design, and product design.


In 1971, Massimo resigned from Unimark, parting ways due to the dilution of the original vision the company had. On departure he opened Vignelli Associates with his wife. His…

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Get paid for your creative work with fun accounting software built for graphic designers

I’m interested on how accounting can be fun! better check this one out!


accounting software for graphic designers

Working as a graphic designer and freelancer is a fun job to do; you are working with different customers and different projects; and you spent the most of the time in your studio having fun with your creativity. As it’s fun to meet new people with new projects all the time, it comes with more than one challenge, number one is the huge amount of projects’ milestones and deadlines.  The other challenge that can be added is your accounting, which includes invoicing, payments and expenses.

Some graphic designers avoid dealing with the accounting side of their business because it is the complicated; but in fact your accounting can be as fun as your creative work if it’s done in the right way.

So how acclux accounting can help you to enjoy every minutes of your business.

Project and task management
The main challenge you will have as a graphic designer…

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What’s really wrong with Comic Sans?

I guess someone hates comic sans more than me!

Tweak Your Slides


Photo Credit: eanur0 via Compfightcc

The short answer is nothing and everything.

The long answer is still nothing and everything, but let’s explore why. Comic Sans, which was created by Vincent Connare was never meant to be used in the regular system of fonts available on a Windows PC (Source). It was created to solve an incongruity Connare noticed while he was working on Microsoft Bob, the interface designed to make the computer-using experience more palatable to novice computer users (Source). Connare noticed that while the interface was a cartoon, the characters’ text boxes uses Times New Roman. This didn’t make sense to Connare, so he created Comic Sans based on the style of Marvel and DC comics. So, the purpose of Comic Sans was to fit a very specific interface and experience–the comic, cartoon, animated experience. It was not meant to be used for business…

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Printing a Good Business Card

how to print a good business card!


Business Card DesignThe competition in business sector is more cut-throat than ever and even the recent slump in economy seems to have had no effect on that. The inability to print business cards or creating a poor one can have defining impression of your business on the minds of your potential customers. Anyone who hands someone a dirty and crinkled card gives a massive sign of unprofessional-ism. If you have an out-of date card, you really need to look into printing some better ones to improve business.

The first thing to be considered here is the kind of information to be included on the card. The basic use of a business card for a long time has been just the transfer of the important contact information. The basic info being your name, business name, job title, phone numbers, email, and website information .This is still relevant and useful, but a modern business…

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Flirting with the freelance profession

learn what it’s like to freelance here!


I’ve successfully branched into the realm of the full-time freelancer (success!) and I thought it apt to share what I’ve learned thus far. Since I’ve landed, I’ve been blessed by a constant stream of work flowing in from the great interweb and it still catches me by surprise. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t worry a little about future income. *I do have a chocolate habit to sustain and a future english bulldog to feed.

I know it’s still early days, but I would like to venture and say I’ll never work for a boss again if I can help it. Regardless of the fact that my personality renders me uber productive when I’m working by myself, I’ve learned that your boss’ ideals are very often different to your own and in the end, it all boils down to money, rendering loyalty pointless.

Instead I’m opting for a life of freedom, of creativity…

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Why You Need a Professional Graphic Designer

Why you need a professional graphic designer

Controlled Color, Inc.

Not everyone knows how to draw or paint as well as a professional artist: this alone summarizes why you may need to work with a Chicago graphic designer. It doesn’t matter if you’re promoting your business or simply creating a line of brochures for your customers. Somewhere is a person or an agency who is more skilled and better equipped to do these things for you.

These professional graphic designers’ advanced training and experience put them in a better position to come up with more effective website layouts or publication designs. For example, you may have been guilty of cramming as much information as possible in your posters and brochures to make them more informative. Professional designers would say this is a bad idea because most people tend to stay away from cluttered texts and graphics.

Graphic designers can also help create a consistent look for your business. After all…

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The Value of Digital Skills

How digital design skills are needed to land a job in design.

Digital Media Convergence

Digital skills are the key to landing a job these days.  From Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, to knowing how to write in HTML and CSS, all the way to editing film in Avid Media Composer, these technical skills can make or break your resume and your job. 

As an intern, your job is to do what your boss asks of you.  Whether they need you to edit or compose any type of media, you are doing it in a program.  And in the real world, not everything can be done in Microsoft Word.  Its essential to know how to make something from scratch, and these programs are how you do it. 

My newfound digital skills helped me land my summer internship and will continue to help me with jobs in the future as my skills grow and advance.  Companies want their interns to know how to use the professional programs…

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