Massimo Vignelli 1931-2014

New york subway design tribute



Sadly, 27th May 2014, graphic design legend Massimo Vignelli passed away at the age of 83. The Italian born designer is most famous for his work designing the New York Subway map & signage as well as the graphic design of the infamous American Airlines identity that only until recently was one of the most iconic aircraft liveries in the world.

01american air

Massimo and his wife Lella Vignelli, moved to America in 1966 from their roots in Milan. Massimo lived in New York and started the New York branch of a new company, Unimark, which fast became one of the largest design firms in the world. Massimo Vignelli worked in a wide variety of areas, including interior design, environmental design, package design, graphic design, furniture design, and product design.


In 1971, Massimo resigned from Unimark, parting ways due to the dilution of the original vision the company had. On departure he opened Vignelli Associates with his wife. His…

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