Freelance females and graphic design ladies!

On my way back from Leeds now after a fun packed 3 days! And on reflection after taking my laptop with me I have to admit I haven’t done an awful lot of work whilst away.although I have been waiting for my client to get back to me on the colours of the logo that he wants.which has set me back with the banner designs.

They finally got back to me today which is the one day I don’t have decent Internet connection I’m on a 4 and Half hour journey back to London now! But they did have some additional paid work they wanted me to do which is good.

In other news I did enlist the help of my partners 9 year old sister to help me think of ideas that are about London for my banner work which was very helpful and it got me thinking about the advantages of woman doing this type of work and how they can involve their children and how this can give a positive effect on their life’s as well as the mothers.
I find now in a society where there are less jobs and woman often feel pressured about having or not having children, this line of work takes the edge off when woman have less chance of rising the top of the career ladder. being self employed gives them a sort of empowerment it gives woman the flexibility and choice to do work that they can work around them as well as involving their children.
even if they do say, as my partners nine year old sister says graphic design is “pretty pictures” than that’s fine by me as it also means I’m doing my job