The social issues of freelancers working alone

Today I’ve realised the social impact as a result of working as a freelancer. I was surfing gumtree looking for a one off graphic design job when I stumbled upon a graphic designer asking for a virtual colleague someone to instant message whilst working during the day.

Sounds like a great idea I sympathies with the guy he’s married with children so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to reply but I don’t have these issues anyway.

I work in retail now I know your think “what a way to spend your life” but I love it I’m not just a sales assistant I’m also an in house designer and social media manager for a small business which is very different from working behind the counter in McDonalds. But anyway the point I’m making is I get the social interaction with my colleagues when I work part time so I don’t get this need for social interaction when I freelance the rest of the week because I got that out of my system on Monday and Tuesday.

It something I would really have to consider if I did this as a full time job as a social person could I cope with this or would I just resort to advertising for a virtual colleague on gumtree!