All these lovely people aren’t fictional! I can provide contact information If requested. Anyway I’m sure they would love to chat to you everyone loves a bit of Business to business!

“Amy’s role with us is quite ad hoc – she does work for us according to level of activity at the SU. When there are big projects or activities happening, we usually have a need for extra help in producing comms – this is when I would call on Amy to work. She has always been very accommodating with her time for us and has had no problems working to the deadlines we’ve set her. She is good at interpreting design briefs successfully and also receiving feedback and amends to her work. All-in-all, she is a pleasure to work with and I hope you will feel the same.”

“she’s friendly, and talented. has done a great job for such a good price. she keeps communication and updates about how the designs going so you can edit something if you feel like it needs changing. overall I would recommend her and defiantly ask for her to help me next time I need her!”

Amy wields formidable design skills; give her half an hour and she’ll whip you up something really exciting. She’s a fast worker with good, solid InDesign skills and is fantastic at quick visual concepts.

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