#Animal #illustration!

This week I have been creating more T-shirt designs, sometime the way I work need to be when I’m inspired and then I have to just go on ahead and do it.

So at the moment I’ve been doing a spot of research based on my ohh deer competition designs and I see a common theme of people being able to relate to the animals, pets everyday things but the uniqueness is key to striking that cord to making a purchase. The design needs to be relatable and touch that person to a level where they have to have.

So currently if you have a pet or animal that you love an would like me to illustrate it for you. In any sort of novelty clothing that captures your imagination email me I will design it and upload it to my online store at zazzles! Simples!

Here’s one of my current designs had a lot of interest in this I guess cats an kittens will never go out of style for the crazy cat lady’s of this world. This is my handsome cat Barney he has a regal aura to him and the top hat reflects his personality! Sometimes I think he was a lord in a past life!



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