Does your graphic style define who you are?

Ok I’ve been looking through my portfolio this week and I’m trying to piece together my personal style of design and key it down to one thing.
If I could describe myself as one style what would it be? I’d probably say swiss style mainly because it’s something I like myself which reflects in my work. But I also think that my life and the things that surround me influence the kind of work that I produce. I have a tendency to lead towards the bright and simple designs.
I love saul bass and Paul rand and I think I would place them as my biggest influences as well as swiss style.

But I think I get these styles based on my personality and parents. The way they decorate their home the things they buy the home that has surround me for years and although I know longer live at home I find I’ve taken these aspect with me. The things that they like which I guess to me must feel like home. So although my work reflects my personality and tastes my environment has also influenced my tastes in design and the way I perceive design.

And as a matter of fact I’m wondering if I’m the only one that has environmental factor in consideration to there tastes and essentially there genetics. I mean after all if you apply to an agency they consider your style to fit but does this also mean your co workers will have similar traits ideas and Influences as you or am I going on the assumption that everyone with similar personalities should get on.

I just find it very interesting that they way we are born and the things we are exposed to lead us down a certain path way in design and I’m wondering if anyone else out there feels this way?

3 thoughts on “Does your graphic style define who you are?

  1. It’s an interesting discussion! I don’t consider myself to have a ‘design style’ really but I’m pretty sure my love of patterns is influenced by a childhood in a house with pattern overload! ha

    1. I’m guessing in comparison my house is full of circles and your house must be full of triangles then! But I mean my parents have a very modern Swedish sort of retro style and I think my work reflects that I find it weird but interesting but it kind of reflects my own tastes now having lived with it. How would you describe there house in relation to your tastes would you say you where similar or not?

  2. Haha no actually I can’t think of anywhere my house features triangles – it’s more florals. I love floral patterns but not the same style as the ones my Mum has picked for the house. I don’t think our interiors tastes are the same at all – my ideal is white/neutral colours with pops of colourful items. My mum has colourful items but she also has colourful walls, curtains, rugs…. everything ha

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