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I’ve had so much to do recently, I just haven’t had the time to update my blog. I’ve been working on a few things this month. Mainly self improvement and the way I can improve my design. Over the easter break I took some time out to soak up some inspiration in London.
I’m currently working on a new portfolio and I think its important to get together a collective of your current works. I only recently took a look at my portfolio and thought wow this needs updating.

I’ve been seeking the Advise of a creative director via linked in to give me some hints tips and ideas how to beef up my portfolio without adding too much in there. Because it dawned on me the other day, that you don’t know what is going to be around the corner and its always best to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. I one things for sure I intend to grow as a designer and to do that I need guidance of experience professionals who can get me there and to help me achieve my goals.

On top of that I’ve also produced a new cushion design this week my blue tit design has finally arrived on beautiful cushions I hope you all like it ūüôā you can buy it here

blue tit in hat

will update my blog soon with something more interesting … promise!

Novelty graphic design

I’ve been having a big long think about the types of products on my online store on zazzles.co.uk and what kind of style I’m going to stick with in the future currently. I have quite a random mix of products based on the things that inspire me the most?

Sometimes food sometimes animals I just can’t decide what current trend I want to be and its driving me made. I could do cool and quirky or I could do illustration and fun. the possibility just seem endless.

sooooo… It would really help me out if you could help me decide what people what and need in terms of t-shirt designs. I’ve esbalished relatable but there has to be more to it than that …. what makes you want to click buy what makes you want to wear that t-shirt and what does that say about you…. ok tooooooo many questions. Any way please help me out get me to decide


Here is one of my latest designs let me know what you all think! it’s based on the sticker game at macdonalds… win win win!

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Macdonalds monopoly


#Animal #illustration!

This week I have been creating more T-shirt designs, sometime the way I work need to be when I’m inspired and then I have to just go on ahead and do it.

So at the moment I’ve been doing a spot of research based on my ohh deer competition designs and I see a common theme of people being able to relate to the animals, pets everyday things but the uniqueness is key to striking that cord to making a purchase. The design needs to be relatable and touch that person to a level where they have to have.

So currently if you have a pet or animal that you love an would like me to illustrate it for you. In any sort of novelty clothing that captures your imagination email me I will design it and upload it to my online store at zazzles! Simples!

Here’s one of my current designs had a lot of interest in this I guess cats an kittens will never go out of style for the crazy cat lady’s of this world. This is my handsome cat Barney he has a regal aura to him and the top hat reflects his personality! Sometimes I think he was a lord in a past life!



fox t-shirt design #ohhdeer

As most of you have probably seen from my slightly crazy twitter feed. I have been promoting my t-shirt designs the last post I did on this I only had two designs finished but now I’ve gone onto my third and final design. I hope you like it.

I decided to illustrate a sleepy looking fox that gives the impression he is coming out of the t-shirt not really sure why but for some reason I just felt the need to rhyme.

you can buy this T-shirt design here!





Tips: How To Become a Multimedia Artist?

a little post on becoming a multimedia artist

Schools Reviewed

Multimedia Programs By proficiently utilizing an assortment of electronic devices and media, multimedia artists are answerable for making animations, illustrations and enhancements. These components are utilized within PC recreations, motion pictures, business and music features. Contingent upon the specific employment obligation they perform in the field of multimedia, they are given occupation titles like web designer, artist, graphic design, digital artist and so on. In the event that you have an ardor for working with design devices to make enlivened pictures and enhanced appearances, you can without a doubt think about turning into a multimedia artist. Underneath, we examine about the set of expectations, instructive capability and job chances that expect you in this field.

Set of responsibilities  

A multimedia artist works for distinctive sorts of media to make enhancements scenes and animation. There is a mixed bag of errands that needs to be carried out by artists in this field…

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Does your graphic style define who you are?

Ok I’ve been looking through my portfolio this week and I’m trying to piece together my personal style of design and key it down to one thing.
If I could describe myself as one style what would it be? I’d probably say swiss style mainly because it’s something I like myself which reflects in my work. But I also think that my life and the things that surround me influence the kind of work that I produce. I have a tendency to lead towards the bright and simple designs.
I love saul bass and Paul rand and I think I would place them as my biggest influences as well as swiss style.

But I think I get these styles based on my personality and parents. The way they decorate their home the things they buy the home that has surround me for years and although I know longer live at home I find I’ve taken these aspect with me. The things that they like which I guess to me must feel like home. So although my work reflects my personality and tastes my environment has also influenced my tastes in design and the way I perceive design.

And as a matter of fact I’m wondering if I’m the only one that has environmental factor in consideration to there tastes and essentially there genetics. I mean after all if you apply to an agency they consider your style to fit but does this also mean your co workers will have similar traits ideas and Influences as you or am I going on the assumption that everyone with similar personalities should get on.

I just find it very interesting that they way we are born and the things we are exposed to lead us down a certain path way in design and I’m wondering if anyone else out there feels this way?

Branding: Fonts

fonts that reflect your mood? what font am I today!


A recent study, by researchers at Wichita State University, has revealed that a typeface can reflect your personality, mood, and attitude. Since your branding is usually the first impression people will have it is important to make the right decision 

Most companies pick fonts out for the logo and add secondary fonts as their tagline, other companies choose completely different fonts on the logo and tagline and use easy to read fonts for there body text.

When putting a brand together keep in mind too many fonts can send mixed messages and confuse the viewers.

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deer followers take a look at my Tee’s

This week I’m taking part in oh deers T-shirt competition I’ve decided to come up with fairly basic illustrative designs as I feel this is more a reflection of me! of course they are bright and funky and great for the summer time I’ve actually based them on several things I already have or influences *ahem* if you will.

Most of you will know this is my fabulous YCN competition entry which features quite heavily in my portfolio (salad cream).

I love food. I’m not going to lie its one of my passions and really I need to go on a diet but that’s another story! but in other news I mean people do prefer tomato ketchup over salad cream. At least they do in England anyway bloggers.

Buy my Ketchup T-shirt here!

do you dream in salad cream  ketchup-bottle










as you can see there are definite influences there. I just Love this advert and if it wasn’t for copyright infringement with Heinz I would so put this on a t-shirt but unfortunately I can’t so here my illustrated version its cool its quirky its a little bit different and it gives that surrealist edge which I just love hooray for surrealism!¬† so competition meet competition and this means war!

Here is my second entry for the ohh deer competition.

One day I was at the pub minding my own business well playing the pub quiz (I don’t even drink!) having a humble coke and there I saw a smiling face staring back at me and I just thought i need to take a picture of this maybe it was just my artist way of thinking seeing things that clearly aren’t there (I repeat I do not drink!) but I saw something that summer day which lead me to produce this t-shirt and I like it. It’s cool it’s summery its a bit fun you can wear and the beach or just chillax at home in it.

I now have one more design to think of to add to this collection I think I’m going to have to go back to the drawing board with this one!

Anyway all that’s left to say is ….. Please please please re blog this post! share it on pinterest share it on twitter… or better still buy my T-shirt and help me out!! I would be so so happy if you did and further more if you do I will be more than happy to let you host blog on this page or give you free advertising on my posts of whatever just please….. share show friends.. be cool!

Buy my Ice summer T-shirt here!

securedownload-1sunshine T-shirt