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influential designers (love the swiss design pictures)

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Designers from a variety of fields often bring new ideas into the art world, influencing other designers. I think influential designers are those who bring a new perspective(s) on an already existing idea that affects viewers. I have chosen my top three influential designers below:

alexander mcqueen 2008

Alexander McQueen shattered the fashion industry with his new, shocking, and bold designs. McQueen brought new trends into play that will continue to shape fashion, low-slung jeans, skull prints, clean cut tailoring, theatrical catwalks, use of mould-breaking models, and extreme silhouettes.  His designs incorporated widespread issues and his mission was to break from the norms of the fashion world. McQueen’s dramatic fashion shows caught everyone’s attention because of its culture shock factor and viewers were always thrilled to see the next lineup.



Jonathan Ive is the senior vice president of design at Apple. Ive is known to be…

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