Should you design a covering letter?

I’ve been doing some searches on how to make my CV look beautiful. My previous CV was how do I put it…. A little bit boring just plain black and white like a corporate CV. So I’ve designed my CV to be in sync with my website and my blog to keep my brand consistency, which is a sensible move. but the question I’m wondering is if applying directly (obviously in a creative manner job) with a fully designed covering letter can effect the decision of the hiring manager or does it simple just say “PICK ME, PICK ME” and provokes bad attention toward the candidate.

Covering letters are defiantly a bit of a blank subject for graphic designer at university they tended to miss off the covering letter part and skip to the interesting CV design. Which considering the lecturers are designers themselves who can blame them they didn’t get into lecturing about there favorite subject to talk about copy writing or maybe we should have all just taken a creative writing class!

But in a serious note the covering letters that I see online seem to be branded and very simplified but in tone with the graphic designers branding. but then I come across others that have the same cookie cutter style and then the word “I CAN DO IT” embossed in the centre. or a designed post about why they would like to work with them. But my question is do creatives on hiring teams enjoy this kind of thing? well I’m sure it provokes some entertainment but is acceptable. Would that covering letter be seen as “trying to hard” or “lazy and inappropriate” whats creative and acceptable and what is stepping the mark?

anyway I’m sure you all have your own opinions. Take a look at my CV design and tell me what you think.

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2 thoughts on “Should you design a covering letter?

  1. I personally think it’s a good idea to have a uniformed brand, so if you are able to design a cover letter to match any other supporting documents (eg: resume, portfolios etc) then it should be done. It emphasizes your ability to market yourself and have a consistent approach, which may be important to some employers.

    Essentially the cover letter is just an introduction to who you are and why you are interested in the job. I would think that recruiting managers (with particular emphasis in creative industries) are more interested in your portfolio as a selection tool.

    1. I get what you mean in the consistency do you think it about personality too. I wonder if handwritten covering letters are still expectable now. I can’t say it’s something I’ve done but I wonder if anyone has gotten anyway with a handwritten covering letter. The digital application are wiping this out. Even small company’s want you to email them.

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