How to Choose a Freelance Graphic Designer

clients out there how to choose a graphic designer!

Ognjen B. oDesk

If you’re starting a business, already have a business, or are a consultant part-time, you may have been thinking about hiring a freelance graphic designer to help get you started with your marketing materials. Ultimately, a graphic designer communicates your company’s message to your customer. But how do you go about landing a graphic designer you’ll be happy with? The tips below can help get you on the right path for your next freelance graphic design job.

1. Identify Your Needs.

First decide what you need. If you’ve written a marketing plan, that will help a great deal. If not, don’t worry. Just make a list with your short term marketing needs and your long term marketing needs. For example, if you’re a start up business, a short term need might be your company’s logo. A long term need might be a print advertising campaign. And, you might want a…

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