Do clients understand the importance of brand consistency?

So I’ve had a fair few clients now and sometimes depending on the client they know what is needed and the others are not so clued up (I mean they’ve hired me so clearly they need my help and nobody’s an expert in everything even I wouldn’t call myself one.) but sometimes I wonder if they are aware of the potential damage that an inconsistent brand brings.

I sometimes get the odd client that just wants one thing designing for them which is okay and other times I’ve pushed for more work that needs doing or suggestions that I can make and for the ones that have needed more (not all some) tend to have there own individual ideas for each project which is fine and the key is to incorporate this with the designs that already exists other wise customer get confused they lose interest and because of the brand inconsistency they lose trust in that company that’s how things are these days and lets face it (I speaking for everyone here) big brand no matter what country you live in stick to these rules and the consumer is used to seeing this. So if a company is inconstant it sticks out like a sore thumb and comes across as… well confusing… and don’t get me wrong branding isn’t easy brand books are normal big thick books with exact dimensions colours and everything. but the key is to get it right take your time and don’t get me wrong it isn’t easy to disagree with a client on something at the end of the day he/she is paying you money but freelancing isn’t just about design its about communication and that in itself is branding. So if your client want a purple background and your coulour scheme is yellow or they want “Times new Romans” (god only knows why or comic sans for that manner…. hate that font) instead of “helvetica” just tell them how is it and hopefully when they have a successful brand they will thank you for it.


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