a small rant about corperate online retail!

I sometimes wonder if technology gives us unrealistic idea’s of how website are run. I’m talking about from a retail perspective. I work in retail this is no secret and I know the kind of responses the customer can come up with. I feel this also gives you a great idea of your target market in terms of designing but working for a small business in South East London people perspectives on the website are always not quite what you expect. even if they know you are a small business.. there is never quite the choice of products they would like but the reality is the time and careful consideration it takes to put each product online. making sure the price is correct, proof reading, making sure you have the correct image ect.. all of this is over looked.

We live in an increasingly technological world where people are exposed to companies such as amazon and play.com and are used to the idea that with one click and the item that they are after will arrive at there door. but In the real world and not in a million pound company things aren’t just plain and simple and don’t happen that way and I feel that consumers have a distorted view about this. They don’t realize that small business operate very differently to the way large ones do. you have to think about the people behind the click.

I recently watched a documentary on amazon on the type of things they do to there staff running them to scheduled putting them under increased pressure to perform striking them off at any given chance. I feel bad for the workers and I feel bad for being the person who click but It also made me think. Why is it we live in a culture where choice is widely excepted? yet choice is something that makes things difficult for the consumer giving more options makes if difficult to make decisions FACT. I’ve seen this on many programs on tv.

but the fact remains that as big online retailers churn out more and more products cutting out the middle man and under cutting small business.. what future does the small business have in our economy? when the internet is the key to sales and the high street isn’t something that really exists any more.

The only way to improve is to encourage people to shop locally and trust the smaller eCommerce sites because thoughs are the ones making jobs and improving there local communities.