And the title of ‘Designer’s Nightmare Client’ goes to…

an Insight into graphic designers and there troublesome clients!

I Am James Lowe...

Most designers I know (including myself) love to share tales of nightmare clients. It’s like a bond that brings us all together through bitter experience.

“Can you make the logo a bit bigger? No, even bigger.”
“Can you make the title red?”
“The website you designed isn’t working on my 12 year old PC.”
“I don’t have any higher resolution images, these ones will have to do.”

These are the kinds of typical things every designer will hear and have to cope with on an almost daily basis.

However, if you let the red mist fade and try to see things from their point of view, they’re only really asking the questions and saying the kinds of things that the typical-average-every-day-non-designer-normal-person would say. It’s our job to convince them that our opinions are correct by explaining the thought processes behind them, while making sure not to alienate them or make…

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