Graphic design agents fact or fiction

Over the past couple of days I’ve been wondering about self-promotion and what I can do to reach more people. I mean at the moment I have around 200 following me on twitter and I have no idea how that happened I’m guessing that something must have sparked there imagination or I’m not as boring as I think I am.

Any way and purchased a new computer arts magazine this weekend which tails in with the same freelance handbook I brought about a week or so ago.

I was having a quick flick through and I noticed a section dedicated to agents graphic designer specific. You pay them they find you work kind of agent. Anyway I read the article but it came to my attention that not at one point did they mention how to get an agent and how to approach them or do they approach you saying they would like to represent you or what?

I mean I did a quick google search on graphic design and agents but all the results turn up as being just agency’s in the field of design and then I thought long and hard and I remembered a company that had contacted me although there main aim was mainly coaching I’m not sure if they class as an agent or not or if sales promotion is something they do. I’m interested I must admit but I’m just not sure if this is the route to go or if I can validate the expense of an agent.

I think in the next coming weeks I’m going to do some research into agents for graphic designers not only myself but to share the information I find. I mean I found plenty of information about agents but nothing on how to actually get one!

If your an agent and you work in the field of graphic design and would like to represent me! Then please contact me and I will add you to my post of graphic design agents!