Graphic design resources for freelancers!

Now I’m getting the hang of this freelancing thing I would like to share with you all a few places where I have found useful stuff! that have helped me in terms of various different things over the couple of months. Hopefully some of it can be useful to you as well!


A great website in terms of inspiration some with rights and some without it can also help you find other websites  to find the desired font you want which is also very helpful. Sometime you get a client who knows exactly what font they want and this website can be extremely useful for that.


I’ve had some interesting results from this website it’s a great way to showcase your portfolio as well as find useful information a lot of graphic designers post info graphics which from my research gives a higher re- pin rate thus expanding the amount of reach your work gains. I’ve also found out that by changing and adding in key words that you use and other people use most commonly your work will come up more often… (I hope that makes sense!) I also Like to use it as a source of inspiration there is a lot of very talented people on pinterest! check out my page


A great place to gain new brushes if there is something particular that you are looking for however I would recommend that you create your own brushes It can be done quite easily but this website is really useful.


This guy has some great stuff I’m actually really jealous of his blog. He has longs of hint tips and tutorials to help you expand your creative mind.

5. The freelance handbook – Computer Arts magazine

I found this magazine really useful over the past couple of month I have quite a few freelance handbooks but I struggled to find one that really includes UK based rules and regulations in copyright law and more it gives details of great places for resources as well as showing you which places need graphic designers and how to effectively promote yourself I personally think its a must have read for anyone in the UK also handy for thoughs of you in the USA but I’m not sure if they have this over there. They also have more in the same collection to buy which I think I may have to invest in you can get hold of them in Whsmiths.

Freelance handbook