I love swiss #graphic design

As you all know I love Swiss Graphic design and this week I’ve been doing a bit of fun designing for this great little website called swiss style design.

You design a film of your choices and submit it to the website they will then show you design in a gallery with a host of all the other cool people who decided to join in. It’s a great idea and great for inspiration when you need some. particularly if you love this style any way, I’m sure you will love it!

…..anyway I did my poster based on Harry Potter and the philosopher’s (or sorcerers to my American friends!) it’s simple but that’s kind of what I like about it I choose blue because for me it just conjures up (pardon the pun) old fashioned idea’s about wizards robes and for me I guess I still have an in grained animation of Disney the sorcerers apprentice in my mind I mean who in there right mind doesn’t know that one! mickey mouse is more of less a world wide sensation.. any who take a look at this website its cool and who Knows I might see your poster sometime soon!




| Top 3 Influential Designers |

influential designers (love the swiss design pictures)

P A T T Y // W O N G

Designers from a variety of fields often bring new ideas into the art world, influencing other designers. I think influential designers are those who bring a new perspective(s) on an already existing idea that affects viewers. I have chosen my top three influential designers below:

alexander mcqueen 2008

Alexander McQueen shattered the fashion industry with his new, shocking, and bold designs. McQueen brought new trends into play that will continue to shape fashion, low-slung jeans, skull prints, clean cut tailoring, theatrical catwalks, use of mould-breaking models, and extreme silhouettes.  His designs incorporated widespread issues and his mission was to break from the norms of the fashion world. McQueen’s dramatic fashion shows caught everyone’s attention because of its culture shock factor and viewers were always thrilled to see the next lineup.



Jonathan Ive is the senior vice president of design at Apple. Ive is known to be…

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A traditional resume is so yesterday – Part 1: Creative resumes

a blog post I’ve been waiting for about creative resumes!


Have you ever found traditional resumes so boring and dry that you’d rather watch paint dry then read and work on your resume? This is exactly how I feel.

Now I must say I do not have a creative bone in my body, but these resumes are right up my alley (perhaps it may be the inner geek in me). I’ve trawled the internet to find you other ways creative people have attempted to secure their job (and sometimes succeeded too!).

I strongly suggest you take these approaches with a grain of salt. If you are creative and applying for a creative based role, this might work in your favour.

Basic building block resume

Lego not only played a huge role in Leah Bowman’s childhood, but influenced the way she advertised herself in her resume. She mentioned her struggles in obtaining a job in the graphic…

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An Understanding of the Goal and Objectives of Good Branding Agencies

interesting blog post about strong brands

Internet Service

Branding AgenciesWhether it is about starting a new venture or renewing the already existing brand, good branding is the core of communications to create impressions. Needless to say this job is worked out and best executed by good branding agencies. The job of branding agencies is to create nicely communicated and efficiently documented brand so that the customers and clients find interest and can immediately relate to the brand. This is also a great way to attract customers and get them interested in trying specific products of the brand. Therefore it can be said that brand image is very significant for every company from the sales and marketing point of view. Efficient brand agencies have the capability of understanding the maturity of particular organizations and they work towards developing and projecting the brand accordingly.

Competent and top-of-the-notch brand agencies understand the vision of the company and what the company is trying…

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how do you feel about doing a test piece of work? (freelance)

(how do you reply) This is a difficult subject one of which I’m not sure how to answer but I’m looking at it from  both perspectives.

A client come to you asked you to do a piece of work as a test to see if he likes what you can do. in a job based interview this is ok. but is it acceptable for someone who earns money on there pieces of work alone to do on a freelance basis? should a client take into consideration portfolio before he or she takes the plunge or does the client have a right to give you a test run.

I’ve done these test runs before and while for me it has been sucessful I’m wondering are there freelancers out there who will only give the ok when they have there deposit and no test for cash flow reasons can simply not afford to give away there work (if brief) for free?

I sometimes feel that the designer feels cheated they worked hard to get qualifications a portfolio and to ask for more… well to be honest I’m just not sure on this one.

I think sometimes its good to test the water it also gives the designer a chance to understand if they will get on with the client or if it will be doomed from the start by which time you aren’t at a point of no return.

If any of you freelancers out there see this post (and my lovely followers) please do share your experiences with me i’m interested to know how you have dealt with this situation and if this is something you have come across. Have you gone along with it or point blank just refused?



stunning lino printing!


Dec2013 Lino cutting is a way to express the possibility of sculptural objects, and creates geometric lines that are impossible to express in 3d, or would not match the simplicity and ease created through the ink and paper. These prints are seen as proposals for pieces of work, but are seen as work in themselves.

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How to Choose a Freelance Graphic Designer

clients out there how to choose a graphic designer!

Ognjen B. oDesk

If you’re starting a business, already have a business, or are a consultant part-time, you may have been thinking about hiring a freelance graphic designer to help get you started with your marketing materials. Ultimately, a graphic designer communicates your company’s message to your customer. But how do you go about landing a graphic designer you’ll be happy with? The tips below can help get you on the right path for your next freelance graphic design job.

1. Identify Your Needs.

First decide what you need. If you’ve written a marketing plan, that will help a great deal. If not, don’t worry. Just make a list with your short term marketing needs and your long term marketing needs. For example, if you’re a start up business, a short term need might be your company’s logo. A long term need might be a print advertising campaign. And, you might want a…

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Graphic Design Courses – Dream Vs Reality

if your looking for a career in graphic design it might be worth checking this out!

Schools Reviewed

Graphic Design CoursesA masterfully slanted individual with an out-of-the-crate kind of deduction will make an effective graphic designer. Graphic designing is a particular field of a Fine Arts course which in the corporate world is exceptionally adaptable. Graduates of this course will discover that there are positions to be filled in the field of design and the arts.

Graphic designers taken into the universe of style are tasked with thinking of designs for fabrics, attire, extras like gems and packs. In the field of promoting their ability is sought after for conceptualizing and executing intriguing boards, TV and print notices. Graphic designers can additionally work freely and seek after their individual creative work with the kind of medium that they pick. To become a creative graphic designer, make sure you have a degree or have done a graphic design course from a reputed art school in your area.  They could additionally seek…

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Improving Your Graphic Design Expertise

improvement in graphic design! can only be a good thing right?

Graphic Design Company

Graphic designers today entail not merely artistic skills, but moreover some considerate of further graphic design correlated zones for instance computer graphic design.

Thirty years before, the start of desktop issuing and of design tools for instance Illustrator and Fireworks, place the command and flexibility of the PC at graphic designers’ hand. Designers for the primarily were simply clever to create metaphors and make 3D metaphors by the computer. Computers are nowadays well-thought-out to be a vital tool in the graphic design business, however some customary graphic designers might now desire to use by hand and customary software for their inspired activities.

index1By contemporary graphic design theories and practices continually varying, graphic designers want to frequently improvement their acquaintance of several graphic design skills, modernization and graphic design tool sets. Now, the elementary guidelines in graphic designing cannot pledge for a modest product to any further extent devoid of the…

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Should you design a covering letter?

I’ve been doing some searches on how to make my CV look beautiful. My previous CV was how do I put it…. A little bit boring just plain black and white like a corporate CV. So I’ve designed my CV to be in sync with my website and my blog to keep my brand consistency, which is a sensible move. but the question I’m wondering is if applying directly (obviously in a creative manner job) with a fully designed covering letter can effect the decision of the hiring manager or does it simple just say “PICK ME, PICK ME” and provokes bad attention toward the candidate.

Covering letters are defiantly a bit of a blank subject for graphic designer at university they tended to miss off the covering letter part and skip to the interesting CV design. Which considering the lecturers are designers themselves who can blame them they didn’t get into lecturing about there favorite subject to talk about copy writing or maybe we should have all just taken a creative writing class!

But in a serious note the covering letters that I see online seem to be branded and very simplified but in tone with the graphic designers branding. but then I come across others that have the same cookie cutter style and then the word “I CAN DO IT” embossed in the centre. or a designed post about why they would like to work with them. But my question is do creatives on hiring teams enjoy this kind of thing? well I’m sure it provokes some entertainment but is acceptable. Would that covering letter be seen as “trying to hard” or “lazy and inappropriate” whats creative and acceptable and what is stepping the mark?

anyway I’m sure you all have your own opinions. Take a look at my CV design and tell me what you think.

CV design CV design CV design