Texture vectors

The other day I was looking at tutorials to make yummy looking logos and typography and I came across a few website and places that would be of interest.

I found this fantastic youtube video tutorial of how to do it which is so simple it’s ridiculous you can view it here

And after searching high and low for some great free vectors I found this website with downloadable illustrator vectors both have very simple tutorials and I had my distressed look logo in no time!

I hope everyone who find this will find it as useful as I have!


Graphic Design without Photoshop

Royal and Reckless Design

Is it possible to design graphics for your business without having to purchase photoshop?

It most certainly is my friend.

Not everyone can afford to invest in photoshop when they first start business and you may not be able to pay for a graphic designer either, so our courses are designed to teach you how to create great graphics without paying for photoshop or a professional graphic designer.

We recently setup a YouTube channel to give you some easy to follow videos to help you recreate graphics and learn to use the tools available.

Our first video is over here

And here is what you will be recreating


To recreate this graphic we use an online software very similar to photoshop with the exception of it being 100% free and you dont need to sign up to anything to use it.

So have a go and let us know how…

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what I’ve been up to (freelancing mostly)

Well I’ve been freelancing awhile now and to be honest It’s now to the point where I get very little time to do my blog which I now decided needed a long over due update.

I’ve been working with a lot of food based clients over the few months some have been local and some have been not so local I’m enjoying this type of work and I think it is something that I am definitely going to continue with (provided I can find more food based clients who are willing to take me on!)

I’ve realized more and more that I am developing my own style its got to the point where I can look at my work and compare the similarities between each project (big or small)

The way I work is becoming more and more structured and even the everyday admin parts are becoming easier simple things like invoices ect are becoming second nature to me.

At the moment I am working on the development of my site at the moment as you can see my theme is not designed me. which as you can imagine as a designer frustrates me a little bit so my aim now is to customize my theme or create my own custom template which considering this. I’ve only ever predominately created websites using my own HTML/CSS I now understand why SEO is important and what It can do for me to be searchable to people.

Hopefully this will help me gain more exposure as a result.

I’m continuing to gain work from companies some I have consistent work with which helps me no end. I feel like I’m getting closer everyday but I know things take time and I’m to the point where I want things to be just right.