Are You Scaring Away Your Design Clients?

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Ognjen B. oDesk

In this age of instant messaging and texting, usage of proper English (or whatever language you’re communicating in) has become a rarity.

It’s not uncommon to receive a text from your spouse that might say “k gtg ill b l8 2nite” or send an email to your friends that ends with “Later yo!”

However, if you rely on slang terms and a cryptic mishmash of letters and numbers in your professional communications, you might be scaring your clients away!


Turning potential clients into paying clients

Before prospective clients become paying clients, you generally must convince them that you’ve got the perfect blend of skills and experience to complete their project within a specified budget and in a timely fashion.

Oh, and it’s got to wow them, too. Most often you’ve also got to show them why you, and not your competitors, deserve the job. What may separate you (or your…

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