The tired designer

Apologise for my recent silence but it appears the moment you think you are safe from an acceptable amount of clients they all decent on you like a tonne of bricks and so I’ve been swamped with work!

Which I must say is fantastic although I am once again into exhaustion mode and so I am working 24/7 in not only my part time job due to extensive holidays taken by just about everyone, but also freelancing late into the night.

Right now I’m loving it being on the go is all about what being in london is all about although I’m working for company’s here there and everywhere!

I’ve had past clients asking me to do more work and new clients contacting me which I was beginning to think the old clients hasn’t like my work as much as I’ve hoped but it must be working or I wouldn’t have repeat clients I’m so happy I’m just hoping I can keep building my client list to make myself fully self sufficient.

I love being a freelancer. But don’t be fooled I’m still the beginner from my first blog post not there yet but slowly!

I’m off to Leeds again this week for another family event so it looks like I will once again be taking my show on the road!