Learning to say no (when you really want to say yes

Ok so recently I’ve had a few of my continuous clients to get on with hence the lack of writing at my end. For that I can only apologise.

But I have been learning important freelance lessons which I can really use to improve my business at the moment I had be struggling to say no to people and when a job came up with a client I could really get on with I was ready to work and all excited about it, but as I further evaluated the situation I quickly realised the client was perfect but the job wasn’t for me and if I want the best results from myself I need to provide the best services for my client and in this instance unfortunately it wasn’t me.

So I explained how much I would love to work with her and how the job want for me and she was fine with it and you never know I might get work with her I’m the future with my specialisms from why she told.

She also gave me useful tips knowing I was new to the freelancing scene I don’t keep this a secret she worked with a great deal of designers.

I did manage to get a another freelance job the same day with a lovely girl from Sheffield who I completed her project to a high standard in under three hours .. She was a very happy bunny indeed!