Designer for sale

At the moment I am having an incredible response from gumtree almost 90% of the graphic design work I am getting is through a free ads service and the good thing about it is you can set your contact method and
How you wish to be contacted.

I’m finding this also a great way to find small little odd jobs for example an advertisement for redrawing an image I rang the person did the work and was paid in under two hours. It makes owning a small business that much more affordable I really am making money just sitting at home on my laptop and don’t get me wrong I’ve seen cheesy junk emails that say this kinda thing but really it’s so quick and easy to post a response or put out an advert it make real advertising so not worth while!

The thing is I’ve also tried generic ways of generating interest in the local area and to be honest I haven’t had much of a response I’ve had more local businesses contact me through gumtree than anywhere else! If anyone else has any great advertising tips for graphic designers I would love to here them! Common lets get a conversation In the comments section I’m all ears!