The tired designer

Apologise for my recent silence but it appears the moment you think you are safe from an acceptable amount of clients they all decent on you like a tonne of bricks and so I’ve been swamped with work!

Which I must say is fantastic although I am once again into exhaustion mode and so I am working 24/7 in not only my part time job due to extensive holidays taken by just about everyone, but also freelancing late into the night.

Right now I’m loving it being on the go is all about what being in london is all about although I’m working for company’s here there and everywhere!

I’ve had past clients asking me to do more work and new clients contacting me which I was beginning to think the old clients hasn’t like my work as much as I’ve hoped but it must be working or I wouldn’t have repeat clients I’m so happy I’m just hoping I can keep building my client list to make myself fully self sufficient.

I love being a freelancer. But don’t be fooled I’m still the beginner from my first blog post not there yet but slowly!

I’m off to Leeds again this week for another family event so it looks like I will once again be taking my show on the road!

The social issues of freelancers working alone

Today I’ve realised the social impact as a result of working as a freelancer. I was surfing gumtree looking for a one off graphic design job when I stumbled upon a graphic designer asking for a virtual colleague someone to instant message whilst working during the day.

Sounds like a great idea I sympathies with the guy he’s married with children so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to reply but I don’t have these issues anyway.

I work in retail now I know your think “what a way to spend your life” but I love it I’m not just a sales assistant I’m also an in house designer and social media manager for a small business which is very different from working behind the counter in McDonalds. But anyway the point I’m making is I get the social interaction with my colleagues when I work part time so I don’t get this need for social interaction when I freelance the rest of the week because I got that out of my system on Monday and Tuesday.

It something I would really have to consider if I did this as a full time job as a social person could I cope with this or would I just resort to advertising for a virtual colleague on gumtree!

Designer for sale

At the moment I am having an incredible response from gumtree almost 90% of the graphic design work I am getting is through a free ads service and the good thing about it is you can set your contact method and
How you wish to be contacted.

I’m finding this also a great way to find small little odd jobs for example an advertisement for redrawing an image I rang the person did the work and was paid in under two hours. It makes owning a small business that much more affordable I really am making money just sitting at home on my laptop and don’t get me wrong I’ve seen cheesy junk emails that say this kinda thing but really it’s so quick and easy to post a response or put out an advert it make real advertising so not worth while!

The thing is I’ve also tried generic ways of generating interest in the local area and to be honest I haven’t had much of a response I’ve had more local businesses contact me through gumtree than anywhere else! If anyone else has any great advertising tips for graphic designers I would love to here them! Common lets get a conversation In the comments section I’m all ears!

Learning to say no (when you really want to say yes

Ok so recently I’ve had a few of my continuous clients to get on with hence the lack of writing at my end. For that I can only apologise.

But I have been learning important freelance lessons which I can really use to improve my business at the moment I had be struggling to say no to people and when a job came up with a client I could really get on with I was ready to work and all excited about it, but as I further evaluated the situation I quickly realised the client was perfect but the job wasn’t for me and if I want the best results from myself I need to provide the best services for my client and in this instance unfortunately it wasn’t me.

So I explained how much I would love to work with her and how the job want for me and she was fine with it and you never know I might get work with her I’m the future with my specialisms from why she told.

She also gave me useful tips knowing I was new to the freelancing scene I don’t keep this a secret she worked with a great deal of designers.

I did manage to get a another freelance job the same day with a lovely girl from Sheffield who I completed her project to a high standard in under three hours .. She was a very happy bunny indeed!