Yes! Scoring the client score one to me!

Very excited today as I’ve scored myself a new client … A local one to which is even better in my eyes I find that when you have a local client they almost automatically feel at easy with Parting with there money for a deposit.

I’m really excited about this new client because its an app developer logo which is a new line of territory.I can make it very much icon orientated. Which is what the client wants.

I think winning this type of pitch comes down to a few things in my opinion after doing a few one on one pitches

Showing enthusiasm
Dressing correctly
Having a plan
Asking questions
Giving a back story about your expertise
How to work things from a time management perspective
Talking about the contract
Sealing the deal

These steps have worked for me if anyone has anymore please do share! Nailing a pitch and doing it well is crucial to the success of yours and my business freelancers.

Anyway I’m off got a lottttt of washing to do!!!!