Finally! Some freelance head way

Ok so I finally have a new client (well hopefully providing tomorrows meeting goes well ) I will be working on a new social media application icon. It sounds fantastic and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with the work.

I also have another meeting lined up with another freelancer I’m starting to understand the need for having support from other freelance it means I can also take inspiration from them as well as asking questions about the type of business they are in.

The intention of the meeting Is to hopefully off load some of the heavy work load another designer has so basically out sourcing the work to someone I.e me so this is an exciting meeting and could set me up for permanent work if possible and hopefully all being well line me up for the full time freelance position!

Exciting stuff! I will keep you all posted how it goes

4 thoughts on “Finally! Some freelance head way

    1. To be honest the only reason I’ve put that is because starting out as a freelancer straight from university can be difficult because you don’t have the experience to back up you qualifications you can be dismissed for other freelancers with more experience not to mention clients only offering the work as an “intern” this makes people like me increasingly hard to break the industry and considering this factor I am getting work as a freelancer just not enough money yet to quick my day job it doesn’t mean that I’m not my own boss.

    1. Thank you! New freelance need support of people who have been through it. it’s comforting to know that people are earning a living off this kind of work!

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