Go ahead and panic because I don’t take photos for free.

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Turning Down Work Will Make You More Successful

Walking away from potential jobs may be the best thing you can do for your creative career. 

The jobs you’re taking may be costing you.  Whether you’re a photographer, video editor, director or other creative professional, knowing when to say no to certain jobs will increase the quality of your overall work, make you better skilled and keep your career focused.  Follow this guide for knowing when to walk away.



Would you ask a chef to work for free?  No.  What about his apprentice, the dishwasher?  Of course not.  They’re also getting paid.  So, why then do people feel it’s ok to askcreative professionals to work for free under the guise of “good exposure”? Working for free degrades your valueeven if you’re just dipping your toes into the business.  If there’s a…

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Yes! Scoring the client score one to me!

Very excited today as I’ve scored myself a new client … A local one to which is even better in my eyes I find that when you have a local client they almost automatically feel at easy with Parting with there money for a deposit.

I’m really excited about this new client because its an app developer logo which is a new line of territory.I can make it very much icon orientated. Which is what the client wants.

I think winning this type of pitch comes down to a few things in my opinion after doing a few one on one pitches

Showing enthusiasm
Dressing correctly
Having a plan
Asking questions
Giving a back story about your expertise
How to work things from a time management perspective
Talking about the contract
Sealing the deal

These steps have worked for me if anyone has anymore please do share! Nailing a pitch and doing it well is crucial to the success of yours and my business freelancers.

Anyway I’m off got a lottttt of washing to do!!!!


If you looking for a freelancer this might be one to check out


offreeFinding and hiring great freelancers can be tricky if you aren’t familiar with the process. While most are honest and hardworking, there are a few who will accept any work regardless of their skill level or specialties. These freelancers may deliver low quality work or may not deliver anything at all and if you enter into a contract which such a person it can be difficult to get your money back.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when hiring freelancers so you can find qualified, skilled workers who will deliver quality work on deadline.

Beware of Spammers – Spam is a huge problem on freelancing sites like Odesk and Freelancer. Some freelancers will use bots to apply to every job posted with no regard to the specifications or criteria needed. This means it’s vital to be clear on you expectations and demands and you should also include a…

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Finally! Some freelance head way

Ok so I finally have a new client (well hopefully providing tomorrows meeting goes well ) I will be working on a new social media application icon. It sounds fantastic and I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with the work.

I also have another meeting lined up with another freelancer I’m starting to understand the need for having support from other freelance it means I can also take inspiration from them as well as asking questions about the type of business they are in.

The intention of the meeting Is to hopefully off load some of the heavy work load another designer has so basically out sourcing the work to someone I.e me so this is an exciting meeting and could set me up for permanent work if possible and hopefully all being well line me up for the full time freelance position!

Exciting stuff! I will keep you all posted how it goes

The big push! freelacing when clients just won’t budge!

At the moment I am having one of those frightful freelance moments when I’ve realised I’ve made a fatal mistake in the way my contract is written and have hastily worked to correct it even though the contract part of the deal is already finalised.

How many changes can be made to an item once it is complete at the moment I have a client who paid me a very limited amount of money and demanded a high volume of amendments from move that there to change that into six different colour. It is now driving me potty and now it is clear I am dealing with a very particular client from hell and although I worked very hard on his work I now feel that my opinion is under valued but in my head I see it as the client is allways right I’m finding it difficult to put my foot down and waiting for the confidence in me to finally break through the wall and be compensated in cold hard cash for the hardwork that this project has entailed.

Don’t get me wrong I like the project I just don’t like being taken on for a ride …. by anyone but at the same time I’m trying to grin and bare it get the job done and just carry on with my life. but this is just relentless.

can anyone help me with advice on how to rectify this problem. I’m exhausted!

so this comes back to the old will design for money sign that I have been adding to my site …. OH the smell of desperation.

It also seems that gumtree has suddenly been swamped with designers posting this that and the other leaving chances of a deal even slimmer.

although I did come across a very useful bit of information online using twitter to find freelance work it appear this might be  working in my favour …!!



well hopefully I am nearing the end with my current client who seems to be incredible relentless to the point where I have had to change my contract. changes here changes everywhere I never get a moments peace (although I do love it ) my partner thinks I’m being taken advantage of and to be honest I agree but part of me wants it to be perfect so when I’m given changes I just can’t help myself so… to save time (mine and my clients) I have capped a limit on the amount of changes and then anything above has to have an added price. I think that’s fair I’ve been reading up on a few handy little tips and hints as far as contracts go.

I’ve successfully managed to advertise my services locally (nothing special just local windows) but unfortunately I haven’t heard back yet *large sighhh…*

At the moment life is very hectic and with my partner looking for a new job and us looking for a new flat my mind has wandered abit admittedly I just need to hang in there.

On the other hand my boss has given me a fantastic job of designing their new home catalogue which I am very excited about it hasn’t come to ahead yet as I am holding out for our photographer to come in and take some beautiful photos.

things seems to have slowed down abit although I am generating abit of interest (I guess) modesty kicking in. people are starting to sit up and take notice of my blog which Is good news for me as I’ve started to get emails coming through!!

The one thing I don’t like about freelance is giving a quote and loving the project the client commiting to that work and then silence ….. the thing is in any other profession things would be different be because we are designers we are down at the bottom of importance of the list. which sometimes I get ( within reason I’ve seen some baaaaddd branding in my time) but its working it into your diary and then it not being there its so hard to plan things and trust me you do need to plan)

although I must say I’ve been having response from everyone from Bristol to Liverpool and I am really enjoying it. It gives my career a new lease of life which I never thought I would get back after graduation day.

Things are definitely on the up….. any way back to the drawing board…. and I mean literally there are logo’s to be done!