How to offer full works to a client (when they are remote)

So today I am lucky enough to had a client who when we first met were in agreement we would do a flyer just to gain trust through both partys.
So I worked really hard at gaining the trust of my client although it seemed as if they had already hired another client to design some sticker and a logo for them, which was abit dissapointing because for me for my business having my design on a sticker on a car in the U.K, somewhere far away from where I even live if a big deal for me.

The client presented me with the work they had done for him which to be honest I felt sympathic for the designer because they had clearly lost the love for the art and I gave my honest opnion because thats just who I am and sneekly had a go at knocking the socks off this other company.

which I did and although I feel guilty about it know I am working as a small business, and this means alot more to me than them… clearly …. is it ok to be ruthless in this field? when you know you can offer better? but for me this give me a whole load more exposure and of course money, altough when I’m doing something I enjoy its not as much about the money its what I can do for the company.

I felt like I had earned it in a way, that they hadn’t. Either way its a fantastic project and I’m so chuffed that I was choosen over an agency….

The other day I was offered a job by my linkin in profile and I thought about what It would be like to work for someone as a designer again… I just don’t think I could do back to somebody else being the boss but at the same time. I feel I long for a steady pay and the security that it brings and even though I’m only working part time at the moment. I can still feel my libra tendencys of indesiveness setting in. They even told me there was a possiblity of working part time which would be great for me, because I sometimes feel the whole last one in first one out aspect driving me insane. so I guess that this is just going to be the type of thing that I’m going to have to ponder about.

I’ve come too far as a freelancer to give up now. I think I just need to fight on through and hope that I can get job satifaction from working for myself (which I know I can ) I just need to keep going and be supported by though around me its difficult.

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