Completion of my first project and my love of branding!

I’ve just finished my first freelance design project and I have another two projects waiting, which is good going although the other day I had an encounter with a client who did not wish to sign my contract for both mine and his own protect which for me alarm bells begin to ring so I’m I haven’t decided if I should go ahead or not.

What do you do in this situation turn down the work accept anyway with payment up front it’s difficult to read the situation.

Just to let you know my previous client was very happy with his work and in exchange for quicker payment I offered him some small changes to an addition logo he wanted for free which he was more than happy with a win win situation and you’ll also be glad to know I really enjoyed working with them and even though over the time I did the work I was travelling an visiting family I had no problem working to deadline phew! Just waiting for the all clear so I can publish there fantastic website to you all.

I’m really excited about the next two projects I have coming I’ve even tried to provide a full service for one that I am really excited about and with it being branding based which is my favourite and preferred design discipline as well as advertising I am very excited.

My books arrive yesterday and between working and freelancing in reading in my spare time which is helping me out loads. I’ve also had some great advice from fellow freelancers on WordPress they I intend to fully take on board.

I also had a print company contact me that had extra project work which they out source to freelancers in the mix now too so it’s all getting very exciting for me at the moment.


One thought on “Completion of my first project and my love of branding!

  1. Hi Amy, nice post! It’s nice to hear that your freelancing career in branding has got off to such a great start! šŸ™‚ I’ve just launched a new online workplace with an emphasis on meritocracy and transparency. It would be great if you had a few minutes to check it out and tell me what you think: Anyway I wish you all the best for the future! šŸ™‚

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