Welcome to the world of the freelancer (pure and utter chaos!)

Ok so I apologies for my lack of posts over the past few days but I have been working incredibly hard for one of my clients who requires a banner for there website and although I have offered my services to work just about anytime around my current job I didn’t really factor into it the idea that on sundays people will not reply to your email. which can draw all of you work to a halt especially if Sunday is one of your keen days to get work done which for me is.

So now I’ve been working hard to drum up some more interest and researching into other ways I can get my services and business and what I offer heard to the general public which can be difficult with a low budge. so instead I have spend £5 on the gumtree website adding my advert to the top of the list anytime somebody types in graphic design a key tip if your using gum-tree I don’t put my advertisement under services as gum tree charge for this so I put myself under the artist and community section which is kind of a similar thing which works for me and as well as having the one main advert I also post 3 other free adverts and this works incredibly well for me at the moment although I did get an instant reaction after adding my advert in the pay section I suppose it looks more like you are recommended by the gumtree being in this section and although its only £5 if I only get one job it will make the money back for me hopefully.

you will also notice that I have made a few changes to my blog page yesterday because I’m working on making my brand consistent I’m in the middle of creating a beautiful and compelling website which I will let you all know when it is up and running although I am still going to use this as my main blogging area as wordpress offers me the kind of things that will promote traffic to my site although to be honest everyone I have spoke to on here has been really supportive and given me lots of information about freelancing.

I’m also now focusing on different area’s of advertising a friend of mine works closely with people at our local newspaper who can do advertising insert or though at the moment the amount I am paying on gumtree is well worth sticking with for the moment when I can offer a job for £30 an insert in the paper would mean I could only break even.

I have a few business cards left over from my university days which I am going to use for the moment and then re design my cards after I’ve generated work for myself.

I’ve nearly finished my first job now and I’ve really enjoyed it I’m begin to realize what little time a freelancer has and with me still working part time Im constantly working to make a name for myself although I’m told by very knowledgeable people on wordpress that this is what I should be doing.

on another positive note I’m waiting for my contract to be finalized with another client so fingers crossed all will go through and I’m also reading my partners A level business books to help me out although I would really like to get hold of a freelance designers guide book if anyone knows of any of these please do let me know as I want to learn as much as I can to stay on top of the market!.

phew! a long one today maybe I should have spread my posts out abit! another long busy day for me!