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An interesting post for freelancers in this case it is about freelance writing rather than design but I also find this a great post-

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English: A basic, Sharp-brand solar calculator.

“What are your writing rates?”

Since writing is such a solitary pursuit, and the industry “standards” are anything but standard, how do you even begin to answer this question?

Today, I have a resource that can help you get started. But before we get to that, and since writers have a tendency to undervalue their services, I’d like to inject a small dose of real-world thinking into the mix.

Think about your writing in real world terms.

I am assuming that you are reading this post because you want to earn money through your writing. If you were writing simply for the love of words, a rate calculator wouldn’t matter all that much. I’m also assuming that you are counting on this income to cover at least part (if not all) of your living expenses. To that end, let’s do this little mathematical breakdown. (I know it’s math and we…

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