The Things They Dont Tell You In Design School

This is exactly how I feel after leaving University your blog post really opened my eyes to the bigger picture thank you!


At some point or another we all realize that everything they told us in school was a lie…well okay, maybe not everything, but schools are definitely guilty of leaving important lessons out of the curriculum.


A speech was given to a group of students in Whitney High School in California on this very issue. Important life lessons that are never taught to students, but what if they were? Would it change how we prepare ourselves for the real world and stood a greater chance at it, than having that rude awakening come our first job interview at McDonald’s, and not the world renowned law firm we were hoping for. Life lessons neglected to tell us that ‘life isn’t fair, it just isn’t’, ‘you don’t get as many ‘do-over’s as you want to get it right’, and that no, ‘you won’t get your dream job as soon as you graduate’, plus…

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