The attack of the clones…noooo…wait… I mean clients! (steps to get local clients)

no this is not a star war’s related post but the good news today is that I have finished half of my logo work for my client who is satisfied and very happy with my work his words “pure art” I’m not going to post the finished design just yet because they will obviously want to launch it on their website first which is exciting.

I’m going to create a banner for them for their site now using the branding that I have created for the logo.

Yesterday I had some very interesting outcomes on the freelancing font (sorry front) I met someone in my local area where I just managed to slip into conversation that I was a designer. It just some happened that she needed some work doing logo design,business card design a nice small project which is great for me only starting part-time and I got to thinking how many graphic designers use the local area to advertise their skills so I’ve put together my steps I’ve taken to try to drum up some more business.


  1. Taking flyers out to local business print shops are a good one for this you could advertise them to you clients for business as well as getting them to recommend you as a local designer.
  2. get some business cards hand them out to people use the people you know as a starting point.
  3. if you meet new people don’t forget to tell them what you do because you never know who might be looking for business.
  4. put your business cards in local news agents and in supermarket advert slots.

after following these steps I now have one client in the local area and one potential client.