moving swiftly on! freelancing mayhem!

Last night I got a phone call from a company in Leeds asking for a quote for a flyer.They were a little bit unsure what they wanted but they clearly needed guidance from somebody and being a designer they asked me for help.

The guy I spoke to on the phone had designed a logo himself which was not bad but definitely not great. How do you approach this situation? because the key things that popped into my head were do I….

  1. Be honest with him and tell him exactly what I think of his attempted logo and then pitch a great flyer proposal?
  2. tell him its amazing in order to get the flyer job.

well to be honest to do this job you need to have people skills to way up the situation and being an honest person I couldn’t help but do option one and then I followed it up with great proposal and told him of my expertise and the guy respected me for that and was even talked about further work after I completed the flyers which was a sensible thing to do. Although he did try to get me to do some illustrations for his logo which I respectfully declined until we had a deal, a contract and a deposit up front.

Disaster averted with the job in the bag and the contract being emailed over fingers crossed the job will go through but I have a feeling im going to spend a lot of time chasing up clients and less time actually designing something.