YES! a cilent (Dances on chair and celebrates)

after about a week of my gumtree advert after numerous comment emails from potentical clients I have finally landed my first freelance job along with the help of a contract to seal the deal its not a very large project but never the less it is a project! I’m designing a logo for an advertisment website that is similar to gumtree but specifically london based so various concepts come to mind when thinking of london but having to intergrate it with advertising is a tough one.

At the moment my key problems as a beginner freelancer are the time frames and how to give a cost based on both your experience and how quickly you can get the job done being a new graduate my experience although I have both a bit of freelance through university and college is less than that of a freelancer who has been doing the job longer and can therefore work quicker.

so giving a lower quote because you are a junior designer when things might take you longer does this make it difficult to charge per hour…. yes definately

where as somebody else might charge more for there expertise but they can get the job done quicker so how does per hour work for this?

its so confusing for a new comer!

anyway my main concern is time management although all seems to be going well at the moment.