The T-shirt Business (no horses were harmed in the making of this t-shirt)

I’ve decided to start creating some t-shirts to sell on Ebay  and Gumtree to try and make a profit using my skills.

I Firstly started with gumtree which I had a fair few viewing for altough I’m not sure anyone who is on gumtree would be using it to find T-shirts espcially since alot of the items avalible on the website are just services or old junk.

I did abit of making research on some of the men’s t-shirts that were selling well on ebay and noticed an increased amount of purchases within optical illusion themes on the site and I thought this might be a good way to go I sold two t-shirts firstly to see if they would sell which they did sucess but I needed to claify if my designs were based on the relationship between the image on the t-shirt and the type of style the t-shirt designed in.

When I went to create a second design of t-shirt It didn’t sell dispite being posted to finish on the day with the most traffic which for us is sunday.

I even when as far as to ask the buyers of the two previous t-shirt why the brought it and what they thought about it and they were interested in other designs I had to sell and liked that it was different in their words “cool” one guy was buying it for his daughter which was funny seeing as it was a mens t-shirt and the other just liked the design and wanted to see more altough the third didn’t say it must have been the design that did it.

Back to the drawing board.

altough my main struggle in this task was the working out of the costing so if I decided to go for the design something sell it route I need to know a considerably large amount of business knowledge to continue this.

on the plus side I did find this site called zazzle in which you can create your own t-shirts or anything for that manner to make a profit percentage from the sale which would be good if you could get the seo to go to the site in which case it’s just a small store in a large pond of personalised design websites but I did think why not its better than nothing you can take a look at my store on zazzle here creative conundrum Web Store

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