The Beginning

I’m currently on the road to becoming a freelance graphic designer. I’ve done a fair amount of junior design internships and done the odd job here and there having won a few competions and using these people as links to get further paid work which has worked out quite well for me which is good I’ve done the odd pub website and flyer and business card. I’m working for an interior design company at the moment where I get to design there flyers and promotional material which is a lot of fun. Altough I do crave to be my own boss someday for the fun  of getting to choose my own freelance project instead of the repetive crop images and small scrappy bits of work that the junior designer jobs get me and altough the pay is good the job satisfaction is probably not as satifactory as working for youself and making your own money and managing your own time and altough I have a long way to go learning costings and hours is something that will take me a while.

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