T-Shirt Designs, Week 5: Mr Roboto

fantastic t-shirt designs!

Beau Preston

Mr Robboto shirt and back

I’m finally back this week with a whole new design. As I said in my last post, I’ve been busy the past week coming up with new designs however I haven’t been able to post them due my photoshop trial running out. Yesterday at my dads I came up with the brilliant idea to download the trial at his place. So here we are, week 5’s T-shirt blog.

‘Mr Roboto’ is a couple months old now. The original drawing marks a key moment in my life. After my girlfriend of nearly 3 years broke up with me, I was depressed. I lost motivation to do anything, even drawing; a pass time activity which so often provided comfort when feeling down, seemed like torture. I went on like this for nearly month although It seemed like years at the time. In my main drawing book there was a simple pencil sketch…

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