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I’ve been doing some research on things I should do as freelance graphic to get work and ways to help me secure my work which I must admit I am struggling with abit i’ve been using websites like this one 40 tips for freelance designers to get an idea of how freelancers make there money and get work. I mean never at college or university did they tell us how much to charge for a logo or a web banner or flyer design and through my research I haven’t once got a flat answer from one of the designers online they all ask people to ask them for a quote. so how would I know if I am under or over selling something? to which the lack of this subject online atually frustrates me.

although I did find a numerious amount of handy tips to get your  cilent to pay fast which is allways helpful tips for freelanc designers to get paid faster
invoice and contract help website these website gave me a great way to safe guard myself against non paying cilents.

contract agreement add 1.5% percentage if payment isn’t recieved within a certain time. 20 days
“Thank you for your business. We do expect payment within 21 days, so please process this invoice within that time. There will be a 1.5% interest charge per month on late invoices.”
10% of the whole amount of the job is required as deposit.
which I beilve will help me quite alot.
another point that they don’t mention in university is to make a contract to safe guard yourself from copyright theifs and non paying clients and from the looks of online this is probably a high percentage of freelances who have at times been ripped off.
After doing the research myself I feel a little bit uneasy about doing the remote side of freelancing because of contracts copyrights ect.

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