Advertising as a freelance designer

Having thought long and hard about how to advertise myself and get maximum inpact with minimun cost I decided to post at advertisiment on Gumtree to try and drum up some work for myself and altough I had already recieved 44 views on one of the post I put out.

I decided to put out a few adverts of the same on gumtree featuring 3 different images which all related each other this worked a great deal to land me my first freelance position. The phychological repition of my work when the word “graphic designer” are posted in to gumtree were amazing. I was recieving emails from people each day asking for quotes some got back to me and some didn’t but I guess the whole “freelance” aspect effects the amount of work I will be recieving from one week to the next.

Hopefully the work I can generate view gumtree and other free ad’s webiste can help me to invest in my own business.