it happend….The dry spot in a vast freelance oceon

Ok so it happend the dreaded dry spot…. for the past two weeks I have had client heaven with lots of reply and now my phone is silent and my inbox is empty…. whats happened? I haven’t changed my advert nothing is different so whats going on?

I’ve decided to start on local advertising I’ve been following steps on one of the books I had a my previous post a chapter called “self promotion” so basically I’ve been going to all local shops the post office ect and posting and posting advertisements to see if I can attract some local business which would be ideal. I also have plans to put an advert In a local newspaper.

I know I must look desperate from the state of my featured image and the stench it probably gives off but I do actually have one client at the moment and a few I am still waiting for them to get back to me with payments for to go ahead, and besides If I didn’t document this then people might think wow shes getting loads of work how impressive but thats not what I want to do. I want to paint a picture for prospective freelancer’s so they know what they are getting themself in for think of it as an experiment if you will use my story to help yourself.

on the plus side I have done abit of cold calling and pushing from a few clients, I have in the loop and hopefully I might have set myself up with a company freelance job. Which would really help me get a bit more consistant income and although I’m already working I yern for the steady income that an inhouse designer would be earning and I know that I should just hold off and try to achieve my dream but when I’m stuck in one bedroom with the partner and a cat sharing a house with 7 other people its only a matter of time before I crack which I do not want to do. I love my current job and I want to commit to this even if full time jobs are knocking at my door and I have to be honest I am hanging my nose over them. although house hunting is allways abit fun 🙂

Become A Freelance Website Graphics Designer

some more handy information

Online oDesk Training Courses

An equal mixture of creativity and expert skills are very important when designing a faultless website. This will be the reason that Graphic Designer in Los Angeles is opting this profession. %LINK% People who’re employed extremely frequently do side freelance jobs they get on their personal. The freelance sites have guidelines by what to put in your project description, but it is important to be very clear in what you want- supplying the correct information to draw in quality outsourcing services applicants- which can be where project planning is essential. : When you employ a third party pro to operate on your graphic designs, you might have two types of making payments. To use a freelance graphic design career, graphic artists must keep good clients, find new business, and build a referral based business.

However, these days’ game design and game programming camps are highly popular amongst students. Budget can…

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How to offer full works to a client (when they are remote)

So today I am lucky enough to had a client who when we first met were in agreement we would do a flyer just to gain trust through both partys.
So I worked really hard at gaining the trust of my client although it seemed as if they had already hired another client to design some sticker and a logo for them, which was abit dissapointing because for me for my business having my design on a sticker on a car in the U.K, somewhere far away from where I even live if a big deal for me.

The client presented me with the work they had done for him which to be honest I felt sympathic for the designer because they had clearly lost the love for the art and I gave my honest opnion because thats just who I am and sneekly had a go at knocking the socks off this other company.

which I did and although I feel guilty about it know I am working as a small business, and this means alot more to me than them… clearly …. is it ok to be ruthless in this field? when you know you can offer better? but for me this give me a whole load more exposure and of course money, altough when I’m doing something I enjoy its not as much about the money its what I can do for the company.

I felt like I had earned it in a way, that they hadn’t. Either way its a fantastic project and I’m so chuffed that I was choosen over an agency….

The other day I was offered a job by my linkin in profile and I thought about what It would be like to work for someone as a designer again… I just don’t think I could do back to somebody else being the boss but at the same time. I feel I long for a steady pay and the security that it brings and even though I’m only working part time at the moment. I can still feel my libra tendencys of indesiveness setting in. They even told me there was a possiblity of working part time which would be great for me, because I sometimes feel the whole last one in first one out aspect driving me insane. so I guess that this is just going to be the type of thing that I’m going to have to ponder about.

I’ve come too far as a freelancer to give up now. I think I just need to fight on through and hope that I can get job satifaction from working for myself (which I know I can ) I just need to keep going and be supported by though around me its difficult.

Using Zazzle To Start A Business For Artists And Graphic Designers

a great follow up from my blog about the t-shirt business

Creative, Funny and Original Tees

Zazzle is a great starting block for graphic designers and artists.  You get to put your designs on templates of products for free and if anyone buys those products you get 10% commission.  You can upload photos or you can use computer packages such as Illustrator or Photoshop.  For my first series of Zazzle entries I used an ink and bleach painting of The Houses of Parliament in London.  I was able to upload the image onto a wide variety of products and luckily with time a number of my items have sold.

London Calling bag 
London Calling bag by TookiesTs

Zazzle is however only a starting point. You don’t make money quickly it requires lots of hard work, especially to begin with and very few make enough to pay the mortgage.  It is however a great stepping stone.  You learn what is popular, what sells and therefore where to concentrate your…

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Hey Freelancers! Dread Proposal Writing? Let Me Tell You About Bidsketch

Great post about freelance proposal writing

Kaboomis Copy

by Matthew Loomis

Proposal writing can be intimidating and stress inducing for creative freelancers. Right?

Because many solo creatives see proposal writing as a time-consuming, no fun, business necessity. While others feel a bit insecure about whether or not their proposals look impressive and professional to prospects.

I was in this camp awhile back. Then I found something to remedy all that.

Proposal Writing Enhancement

A few weeks ago, while searching “Branding proposal templates” to help me send a branding specific proposal to a new client, I found a website called Bidsketch.

I looked it over, noticed that they offer a free 14 day trial, and decided to try it out.

This is the first proposal writing service I have used, so I can’t really compare it to any other service. But I can tell you this–I’ve been satisfied with my experience so far, and I’m looking forward to continue…

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Life as a freelance illustrator

an interesting insight into a freelance illustrator

Bazingaa! Magazine

There are thousands of people with art degrees attempting to make it big in the creative industry. Amy Rose had the chance to delve in to the life of a freelance illustrator to give some advice to those pondering over the idea of freelancing.

Aaron Jay is a unique illustrator who goes by the name of Randy Otter. After graduating from Coventry University with a degree in illustration he now works as a freelance illustrator.

He started his career whilst at university by creating an illustration every day for a year in a group called Threadless 365. He then submitted the designs to the Threadless website where people score the ideas. The design with the best score overall wins a cash prize. Aaron managed to win a couple of Threadless competitions during this year, which helped him to pay for his rent, and meant he could spend more time…

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Completion of my first project and my love of branding!

I’ve just finished my first freelance design project and I have another two projects waiting, which is good going although the other day I had an encounter with a client who did not wish to sign my contract for both mine and his own protect which for me alarm bells begin to ring so I’m I haven’t decided if I should go ahead or not.

What do you do in this situation turn down the work accept anyway with payment up front it’s difficult to read the situation.

Just to let you know my previous client was very happy with his work and in exchange for quicker payment I offered him some small changes to an addition logo he wanted for free which he was more than happy with a win win situation and you’ll also be glad to know I really enjoyed working with them and even though over the time I did the work I was travelling an visiting family I had no problem working to deadline phew! Just waiting for the all clear so I can publish there fantastic website to you all.

I’m really excited about the next two projects I have coming I’ve even tried to provide a full service for one that I am really excited about and with it being branding based which is my favourite and preferred design discipline as well as advertising I am very excited.

My books arrive yesterday and between working and freelancing in reading in my spare time which is helping me out loads. I’ve also had some great advice from fellow freelancers on WordPress they I intend to fully take on board.

I also had a print company contact me that had extra project work which they out source to freelancers in the mix now too so it’s all getting very exciting for me at the moment.